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French Paintings of Art Fantastic Realism

The times

The man who went up time

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Fantastic realism of the artist on modern art and Surrealist art of the double image

What emerges from the fantastic art of the artist, not just "not look unusual or surreal meta" the double diversion, or even, multiple images of its finely worked on the canvas, but priori, rather the way in which the actual work we did travel simultaneously inside, then outside the subject, a set of symbolic images, then by tracing shapes and inventive while the innate dreamlike and an approach artistic visionary painting. In view of the spectator galleries and animated often ambiguous and metaphorical meaning in the monitoring of artistic, realistic, surreal or fantastic realism that makes the artist, and as changes misappropriated or hidden images metamorphosed from subjects treated within the ambiguous requirement of Trompe l'Oeil magic. In modern painting today, fantastic or surreal art are associated with a paranoid structure related to emotional intelligence and systematized exerted on the concepts of the artist who provokes him into a creative silence A draft chématisée the subject, mixed with a strong artistic intuition, thereby asserting progressively as the work ahead in the work, the essence of poetic and delusional Master, in order to discover any the ambiguous and mysterious side of a visionary about the finished work of art completed. As some say media or galleries "a work of art is never finished and designed without hiding his little sister who exceed one day or another." In this fantastic world of art, it is classified by museums, salons or galleries, the dream world and the visionary artist is always a factor essentially emotional recognition of a renewal of the 'artwork exhibited at major exhibitions activation, whose symbolic values resurface in a game of creating fun and metaphorical work of the artist's fantasy with the surreal illusion and visible images reprocessed, then diverted alternating in the subject of the artwork. The fantastic journey of the artist is often initiated by art galleries and is fast or very slow compared to the conventional wisdom of the whole subject of realistic vision of the work of modern art, art and plastic, often painted and reworked intuitively on the canvas. A vital rhythm and necessary to balance the artist and his creativity, whether through a formal or paranoid delusions, or a surdimensionnel effort of thought, art in all its extent becomes "Surrealist and fantasy "by making bare a revolutionary idea as desired in the artwork of the time and metaphorical modern art work, too often ignored by museums, galleries or some or even by an audience too sensitive to patterns that change constantly. The artwork needs to be "Meta Surreal, Fantasy, Realistic, but especially by its vibrant new" both for the artist for his balance, as well as for galleries, museums or spectators to showcase and highlight this side of magical fantasy in the splendor of the subject, by the increase of multiple images but also by the overlay sudden metamorphoses understood and accepted the changes emerging in original ideas, raised by insanity or genius of the artist, in line with the view emerging from centuries past and the spirit of the great old masters. But lest we forget, that the thematic work of the painter, and may today discuss the fantastic metaphor for the naked reality, exhibited by modern ideas, particularly new and seditious, stored in the roots of a subconscious, where art would hold a crucial role in the uprising at the surreal sight of new subjects, for all images through diversion of its own spirituality. I loved the surrealist movement created by the writer "André Breton", where some artists have joined him out of pure friendship, Salvador Dali, Rene Magritte, Yves Tanguy, but also Max Ernst and Man Ray. Surrealism and fantastic realism were directly hit areas of art: be it in film, theater, writing, poetry, architecture, but also modern art today. In the latter arts, there are few masters but a lot of very unruly followers, and above all more or less good artists to enhance the movement of fantastic realism, and the surrealist movement in modern art and visionary of the time Courrent today. Personally, I always tried to question this perception surreal that we imagine the real through the symbolic phases of a subject, where the artwork was separating realism by imagination just reinvented otherwise, either through fantastic images embedded in the source image, or an approach redimentionnelle "of the unreal, the surreal or the elusive" full of fiction of the subject painted by the artist

André Martins de Barros

Fantastic realism (modern art)