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Women's Erotics (Art, fantastic realism)

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The relationship between collectors and artists galleries Between the artist who brings his creative work and the collector who will be happy to own, to place the gallery which will promote the artist while providing the public with the mature works of the artist it are needed. The gallery is the place to both sets and is able to know the needs of the public and collectors. This shows the importance of the link between the gallery and the collector that is trying to promote for many years. But that route, even if it works well, does not always identify the hidden talents of artists shy in the context of post-trade where we live. In particular the collective needs caused and conditioned by the press, or by irrational use of certain media, are felt first by the artist before interest commercial galleries that can help. It is surprising how few artists bother to think or learn about art galleries trends resulting from some current pictorial world, such as that cited a little further. An example is given on the promotion of art first emerged as a concern in the development of art movements, it is now new markets and juicy for art galleries, allowing a degree of speculation in the doubtful fate and the continuity of the artist in his journey. A policy of use in the creation would be necessary to encourage contacts between artists, galleries and places of interest in art, so that the artistic tastes of some better known and distributed and that the needs of known or unknown artists to reach new markets with a common interest, in view of the artistic movements of the past century. The role of the artist is, or to cause to the extent that it surprises disappear spontaneously or if it really has nothing to say. For that it is not enough to please the galleries or to inform the media, but his art of living in harmony with its surroundings. Artists should bring the galleries to assess the risks of exploitation of his work, and create contracts enabling these gallery owners to take risks, given the repeated economic crises we are experiencing. The development of a work of art takes place in a context of information exchange between the artist, the gallery and the collector. These exchanges allow a monitor progress of the work, competing with the galleries of art today and collections yesterday, the artist brings his artistic universe, with its joys and suffering, and the collector's love of art. Currently, each day and emerging new artists that nobody noticed more because they are part of a stereotypical artistic trend in our society. From these tables it says: "That's it! C'est nul! I can do the same! "He does not know the painting, it is necessary to paint them, made some key ideas and unique compared to what already exists, but very few artists are to the idea that waste materials. You may be works of personal and unique feel. You would like to participate in major art events, and finding time to time some ideas for close sales in major exhibitions, in galleries or in your workshop? So you run. Know sell his work is an art. Look around you and do not say especially if you do not sell anything "The public is zero, it does not taste" just give the public taste and your work will be rewarded. You will be surprised to see that you are able and then you can sell without any problem the result of your work. Again, the artistic trends and is known to remark that force too see them, are no longer a guarantee of "know how" to everyone, but for those who watch with an artistic turn of mind and inventive. Some artists, reading the above, surely say: This is great, but is for the elite of a world that is not mine: I feel compelled to tell them not. At the root of great art, and especially in our time are important issues remarks on art: an artist who is working on an idea can surprise, surprise, shock or make the audience crazy and idle in front of his work, but it will be much more qualified than another, often much better than him, to be recognized, it is the precursor of an innovative idea in this art and it has great relations to satisfy the ego of its admirers. In this case, the sales gallery will have much more chance of success in demonstrating that art is particularly striking in case of new movements by mode, compared to a market slows and whose need is breathe in currents often difficult to accept by the artist, but a necessary way of life often artificial; I will try to demonstrate that art does not create artists, but its opposite. Apparently, there are about a hundred years that the major expressionist, impressionist, surrealist, abstract compositions and revolutionary for its time, was the pinnacle of new artistic movements and confined to a few artists with ideas; and then suddenly and sadly for creativity, we had movements that have come in competition is "called intellectuals, literary and artistic works" to get rid of all the ideological, political and artistic. "The Dada, pop art, minimal art, conceptual art and many other new schools of art;" These movements have put forward the spirit kid, with the conventions and conveniences of a game fun. The reason was logical and extravagant, followed by a comedy and an absurd mockery, with a total disregard for the "artistic values" of the past. Its artists wanted to be disrespectful, extravagant; They showed a casual freedom, where they used all available materials and shapes to create anything eclectic. They sought freedom ultimately rather superficial trends, including the creators, fans for the most part, have tried to make us live and eat, for outrageous ideas, to the detriment of artistic heritage which is expensive. It takes everything to make a world, can we say, but do not exaggerate, a fortune selling "is called a work of art, made from excrement in a transparent inclusion" is rather demeaning privacy of everyone in disgust. Their international success has not been waiting too long but were also quickly ephemeral, to the point that the public felt humiliated and offended at such silly things. I have every reason to believe that if the artist does not create anything today or if the act or caused by someone else, has every chance to succeed, especially if no knows nothing and have been talking around the media with the support of people recognized. How can anything by anyone, on any medium on which the place without thinking anything, where we Gribouille anything that does not resemble anything, where the idea is preposterous, and where it always s'ébranler its foundations. The artist is there left to live by the facility operates or does it really well with his art snobinard side of the new rich? Or, his art, he too much power over him, without any requirement on his part; I believe that we live in a time of great upheaval where man needs to negotiate with their past and accept its fate if it wants to rebuild. It is also important that in this type of art safeguards, to protect themselves in advance against attempts facilities, again to fear, which would lead to obstruct the path already traveled and rugged the artist. Pity the grass collector which is completely disarmed before this madness of art, given the profile of young painters who are facing a market where art surfait is dying and it does no good to exercise his passion. The art, without knowing it turns every day. While the galleries fall increasingly in the dark, collectors are waiting for better days; artist without his haunts and his peers is lost, and today the words lose their meaning and are even poorer for understand what is happening in art today.

André Martins de Barros

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A museum of art realistic and the fantastic imagination in the Netherlands

The first museum of fantastic realism After several years of waiting, the first museum of its fantastic realism will soon be entirely beside the famous Castle of Zeist (Utrecht), Holland. The construction of this museum of art fantastic realism is provided in the center of Holland, in a beautiful cultural environment. The Netherlands are preparing major events to promote the art of realism in this fantastic new museum of modern art, and improve the experience of classical art and imagination of artists. Although recent progress regarding the realization of the museum have been made through negotiations, some obstacles still remain for the construction of this fantasy turned. The opening of this fantastic museum is unlikely until 2010. M. van Soest began his artistic adventure, focusing in particular on the great works of the great Dutch master, Johfra. Hundreds of works by this artist of the imagination with its collection. For over twenty years Mr. van Soest Rardy is the patron of the renowned painters, but artists more or less known who have devoted their talents and donations to a magical, dreamlike journey, often with a hallucinatory vision, but also poetic. Rardy M. van Soest, the great patron of the great painters, whose art collection is very impressive make this magical place a museum devoted exclusively to fantastic realism, exhibitions of contemporary artists as well as master of past. Furthermore, in the years to come, an academy will be attached to the museum, and links will be established with the academies of the world In recent years, Mr. van Soest has expanded his artistic point of view by establishing strong relationships with artists, galleries and museums to keep in touch with them. M. van Soest wants to make a remarkable entry in the international art world. It is always very important for him to raise the fantastic art and the arts in general, to accomplish its museum project, and for the promotion of artists that are dear to him. In a remarkable friendship with the artists of the fantastic realism, which are part of his entourage is important to establish the relationship between art, artists, galleries and museums. Currently, the collection of Mr. Soest Rardy around 800 works will be exhibited in its evolved fantastic. Works of artists such as Ernst Fuchs, HR Giger, André Martins de Barros, Beksinsky, Johfra, Peter Grice, Robert Venosa, De Es Schwertberg, Andrew Gonzales, Victor Safonkin, Oleg Korolev, Igor grechanyk, Rubinov Jacobson and many others, are included in his collection of fantasy art. The Netherlands, Mr. van Soest present other visionary artists as Rene Zwaga, Michaël Hiep, Herman Smorenburg and Petar Meseldzjia.

Art and Design Marketing Area: Many shows and exhibitions in France, Europe, U.S., etc... Major Products and Services: High quality paintings -oil on canvas- varied collection of artworks in the style of "Realism Fantastic", (fantastic imagery) As a young artist Andre was influenced by great Flemish masters suh as Rembrandt and/or Breughel as well as other great Renaissance artists. This explains why he is so perfectionist in every single detail. Expertise: A great knowledge of Arts, classical as well as contemparory. Hobbies/ Sports: Reading science fiction books, nature discovery, also very fond of experimenting various painting techniques, classic music, poetry, etc.. Education: He was trained to be interior designer before achieving his passion as a painter artist and more specifically as a surrealistic artist. Affiliations and Awards: Arts Sciences & Lettres (French award)

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